Thank You, Naji.

I’ve quoted you from a Facebook comment you made.  While I disagree that “cutters”  (which I am being lumped in with by many despite not having any circumcised children) are liars that I’m aware of, I do think we are somewhat wanting a similar goal.


What I really want is respect, honesty and critical thinking from everyone making this decision or discussing this topic.   Please keep in mind before anyone posts that I’ve not been respectful that I had my space invaded, nobody would be honest about from where, and was expected to deal with hundreds of disrespectful comments that entirely ignored a real and dire issue.


I don’t believe that they’re saving boys, because everything but the philosophical arguments are flawed, with poor or non existent data.  I’d go so far to say that it’s not just wrong to lie about who you are but also to make up facts to try to prove your case.  Why lie if your stance is so strong?  Why make up false names and stories?  In any event I totally respect you standing up to what used to be your friends, and if they had any integrity, would have listened to you.


You’re at least trying to do this right, Naji.  It’s unfortunate that we are on such separate sides of this debate.  I do respect you more than you probably realize, and I hope you continue to shine the light of integrity.  I’d also ask that you reexamine your views of us “cutters”.  You’ve been fed more lies by your ex cohorts than just their names and backgrounds.


This is from the same thread where I got H admitting she has multiple profiles. You can find the thread here:


You’ll notice a lot of the same names that have commented here, cementing my points for me.  If you don’t want to be painted with the same brush, i wouldn’t stand so close together, guys.



Brother K, I unfriended you. I did so because you support liars who are more concerned with their own egos than doing what is right for the cause.


Everyone who is talking about fake names is missing the point entirely. The point is, Christian Wimmer didn’t just use a fake name, he pretended to be something he is not and used that to attack people. Of all people, Brother K, I would think YOU would be against presenting ourselves as something we are not. Cutters lie. Cutters deceive people. Cutters tell people they are doctors or sex therapists or that they are “cut and fine”. 


Intactivism is about truth, honestly and integrity. It’s about being who we are and being proud of it, and using what we are, what we know and who we are to fight against those who would lie and manipulate to get their way. There is nothing stronger than the truth and when you act to deceive you throw the entire movement into scrutiny and make the entire group look like a bunch of liars and fakes.


I fully admit this is not my real name. I have a pseudonym for all the same reasons as everyone else, mostly personal safety. But, I assure you that the person you see right here, right now, is the real me. I have never and will never lie about who I am, what I’ve experienced or what I represent. 


Your lie may save one baby but there will be 5 lost when the people find out that you lied and refuse to listen to any other intactivist because, obviously, we are all liars and fakes. It’s about the big picture and I refuse to represent lies.” –  Naji

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