Intactivists Steal Your Kid’s Photos



I need to note that I am not speaking of every intactivist, though I lament the lack of designation between the extreme type and the intellectually honest ones.  Suffice it to say, if you don’t engage in the bahviors described, I’m not speaking of you. 


Generally most people know that anything they post online is not really private.  Your friends may screen shot it, or if it’s in a private group, your enemies.

What you need to know is that you do have some control.  Anything posted by you PUBLICLY is allowed to be shared by Facebook.  If it’s not posted publicly, it’s allowed for others to screen shot your post as long as your name is blocked or partially blocked.  It’s not allowed to make a meme with your pictures.  So if that’s been done with your child, you may report it   Facebook can be somewhat arbitrary about what they allow or don’t allow, but those are the general rules.

I’ve seen too many outraged mothers first demand the removal of their child’s picture, or their status removed from a page.  Many end up begging.  Others deactivate their Facebook.

You need to know that these people, these intactivists…Some may genuinely care about babies.  But above all else they care about capitulation and surrender.   They care about being special and different.  And they will carry out their mission with an almost fetishistic zeal.   Anyone who would harass a mother and use her children this way doesn’t care about anything but the almighty cause they’ve been enslaved by.  Any parent who would use their own child(ren) to try to guilt or manipulate others into not circumcising doesn’t care about anything but the almighty cause they’ve been enslaved by.  They will sacrifice anything and everything at the altar of the Foreskin.

These people make their own husbands, partners and children feel mutilated and inadequate.  They tell them they’re less than, deformed and mutilated.  They mock them, with insulting pictures and terms.  They use sloppy Scholarship to claim they’re impotent (actually increased Viagra sales has to do with recreational use and the simple fact that we can afford to buy it…not to mention American overall propensity toward pharmaceuticals).

Anyone who would treat the men in their lives that way certainly doesn’t care about the men in yours.  Anyone who would treat their children that way certainly doesn’t care about yours.

Is there anything you can do about it?  Sort of.  Don’t publish any public pictures of your children on Facebook. You can make everything but your profile and cover photos private.  Don’t use them as a way to showcase your family to strangers.  Make your groups, likes and every setting possible set to “Friends only”.  And don’t talk about your child’s circumcision. Not because you should be ashamed, but because you will be harassed.  There are people and groups and pages on Facebook who devote their time to finding any mention of circumcision and mocking or showcasing the person who did it.  I don’t have a complete list on hand but the people and pages I see commonly do this will be listed below.  Finally, anything that you hashtag (#) will be made public.

Is there anything you can do after you’ve had your photo or status shared by one of these people or groups?  Not much. Unless you’re tagged or they use your photo to make a meme, screen cap without blocking your identity or the Facebook algorithm Goda are on your side, nothing will be done.  If they use a picture from somewhere other than Facebook where you don’t agree to give rights to the website, they may be committing a copyright or DMCA violation. If that’s the case, and you have the resources, you could talk to an attorney and file a lawsuit.  But they won’t remove your photo if you ask or demand.  They want you to post on their website.  They enjoy it. There’s nothing that feels better to them.than a whole bunch of them at once, ganging up on one or two people.

You can also post it here.  The comments are moderated, so I will keep your information private.   A screen cap of your information shared will suffice, which I will edit out, and change your name, to protect you.   I will not share any names or stories that are not true or that I can not validate.  Anyone who doesn’t believe they’re true wouldn’t believe me no matter what I do, but I am true to my word.

I don’t care what silly justifications make this ok in intactivists’ minds.   All I know is that it has been threatened before that a database of this information is being collected for a website.  All I know is that parents who didn’t even know this debate existed before their trial by fire are being stalked and harassed.  Even if you believe circumcision is wrong, surely you realize that not everyone even knows there’s a debate on the topic?   If you truly have a goal to save children, don’t exploit them.  There’s no salvation in that.

One response to “Intactivists Steal Your Kid’s Photos

  • Rachel

    Excellent blog post! I am sharing this everywhere I can and will pass it on to all of my friends and family. This needs to be shared all over in hopes that parents start making their settings private. We also need to keep exposing the anti-circumcision fanatics for the crazy stalking and harassing they do. Funny thing is that they wouldn’t like it if we did that to their private photos.

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